Conceived and created by Ken K. during late summer/early fall and launched on November 14, 2012, Inhale the Heavy, or ItH for short, is a blog that primarily covers heavy metal music by way of offerings, features, streams and news.

My Vinyl Offering, where artists and musicians get up close and personal by sharing the most cherished parts of their physical media collection, was an early ItH favorite among viewers. Simply shortened to Offerings, this feature continues to be published at Inhale the Heavy.

A standalone site, My Vinyl Offering, was created as a platform for Ken K. to share his personal physical media collection and musings. Check that out here.

Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. Always goddamn loud!


Our stunning logo was created by Jean Saiz. In addition to being a member of the Miami based sludge band Shroud Eater, Jean is an extremely talented graphic artist. She runs Thee Crooked Hand, a place where she showcases and sells her original wood burned art and other unique items.


Inhale the Heavy would never knowingly feature music, bands, labels or any other institution that supports facism, heterosexism, nazism, racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia or any other -obia or -ism we missed.

That being said, if any of our content contains any of the above mentioned, please let us know IMMEDIATELY by sending an email to ken@inhaletheheavy.com. Thank you!

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