Thomas Andrew Doyle just announced Aberrant

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Aberrant is the first of four scheduled releases for 2023 by Thomas Andrew Doyle.

Doyle says – “I feel that as artists, we should challenge ourselves to step out of the norm to push ourselves further away from monotonous uniformities associated with regurgitations of the past. One of the goals for the songwriting, if you could call it that, was to color outside of the lines so to speak, and to move beyond any constraints that many artists’ works stay within. As a creator, I care enough about what I do to move in directions less traveled and to blaze new paths through aural terrains.”

Doyle’s approach for this album seems to have deviated from the intransigent confines of time structures and grids that make up the majority of music in the world. Instead, a feeling of unconfined wilderness is imparted in many of the songs. A feeling of suspended time permeates the body of this work that defies measurement. Aberrant, over two years in the making, is another high-resolution release captured at 96kHz-24bit audio. The result is suitable for audiophile listening devices to provide a premium listening experience. Every attention to detail was taken and painstakingly assembled when creating, recording, mixing, and mastering this release.

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