TEGMENTUM “Genetic Assimilation” Play Through Video

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TEGMENTUM present the release of “Genetic Assimilation” and corresponding play through video, the third single from Evolvement.

“I wrote this track from the perspective of an innocent bystander,” shares Michael Ball about the high-concept cosmic horror plot that this song focuses on. “Someone who has no understanding of this entity or the project. Like maybe they’re an office assistant at this research facility. Whatever their role, they just work there. A true victim in every sense. They’re just in the wrong place when this entity reveals its true nature and wreaks havoc.

“The language is very straightforward, as the character we’re listening to is only describing what they are immediately seeing, hearing, and feeling. The entity is aggressively taking over the facility in which it’s been housed, repurposing whatever genetic material is around it to realize itself physically.

“There is also a psychological component to the entity’s takeover that’s inspired by Dead Space. A majority of people within a certain distance of the entity fall into violent psychosis, inducing pandemonium among large crowds of people. This happens for the purpose of creating new biological material with which the entity can continue building itself.

“The victim that speaks gives in to the entity’s psychological persuasion. They are at this point mortally wounded, and the entity offers to relieve them of their suffering. All they have to do is surrender to them completely. With no other options and with their death looming, the victim lets go and allows themselves to be consumed by the entity. By the end of the song, the voice of the victim has become one with the monster.

Another body and mind with which our creature has assimilated to realize itself in the absence of its original host.

“This song is just metal as fuck, enough said.”

Evolvement vinyl, CD and digital can be purchased from Tegmentum’s Bandcamp right here.

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