Sliptrick Records releases Gia G’s Cosmic Wave Video

Gia G

Gia Federico is an instrumental guitarist out of Boston, USA.

She is signed with Sliptrick Records with both Gia G and Devil In The Mist. The Cosmic Wave EP is the latest release for Gia Federico’s solo instrumental project Gia G and the first since 2019’s The Ladder.

Watch the video for “Cosmic Wave” below.

The new EP is her best to date and takes her music in a different direction and higher level. Showcasing her diverse prowess on the frets, with jazz modal and scalar legato featured on the songs “Intricate Fusion” and “Cosmic Wave,” to the acoustic slap song, “Reminiscing,” which shows another side of her style with a great feel, bluesy runs and phrases. Cosmic Wave takes the listener on a journey of musical knowledge, intricate writing, great for listening when you’re in your car breezing down the highway.

Cosmic Wave is available from the Sliptrick Records website here.

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