Messa Release “Pilgrim”

Messa - Close

Italy based doom band Messa have released a new song. The track is titled “Pilgrim,” and it’s taken from their forthcoming new album Close, which will be released on March 11, 2022, via Svart Records. Listen to “Pilgrim” below.

Referencing bands like Dead Can Dance, Swans and Om, Messa have created an album where song, experience and atmosphere are focused into a crystalline modus where high art flawlessly embraces good old fashioned riff-worship. Transcending the occult and noir-tinted atmospheres of their past works, Close confidently weaves Messa’s multifarious influences into a singular breath-taking sound that leaves the listener enthralled. Perfection or something extremely close, Messa’s Close is not just a metal record, but it’s definitely one of the best things to break out of the confines of metal in a long time.

Close is available for pre-order on vinyl (2LP black and 2LP gold) and CD. Visit Svart Records to purchase.

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