Lindsay Schoolcraft Releases “New World” feat. Fabienne Erni of Eluveitie

Prepare to be transported to a “New World” with the magical offering from Lindsay Schoolcraft. Featuring a duet with Fabienne Erni of Eluveitie and a guitar solo by Jen Majura of Evanesence, the new release delivers an epic sound infused with Celtic elements.

“New World” is the first heavy driven song to be unleashed since the release of Lindsay’s full-length album Martyr. Made possible through the Patreon community, a symphonic/folk version will also be available as a Patreon exclusive. Emerging out of ethereal realms, ghostly Celtic folk instruments perform an alluring backdrop for Lindsay’s haunting vocals. Melodies soar gracefully seeing a subtle dark undertone weaving throughout. Explosive metal instrumentation thunders into existence elevating the track with an intense manifestation of power. Fabienne Erni’s dynamic vocals beautifully complement the atmosphere of “New World”; it’s a stunning duet. Enthralling distorted guitars and bass tones provide a grounding contrast to the soaring melodies, and Jen Majura’s solo enhances the sound even further.

Become immersed in a dramatic tale of folklore, an exploration into stunning soundscapes and thrilling composition. “New World” is a truly bewitching release to kick off 2022. Lindsay is already hard at work on her next release, preparing another heavy composition in collaboration with Sarah Jezebel Deva.

“New World” Guest Appearances:
Fabienne Erni – Guest Vocals
Jen Majura – Guitar Solo
Rocky Gray – Guitar, Bass, Drums
IVEEN – Folk Instruments and Backing Vocals
Christopher Caouette – Orchestration
Dagda – Viola

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