German death metal powerhouse Necrotted release new single “Artificial Truth”


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German slamming death metallers Necrotted have released their new single ‘Artificial Truth.” The track is taken from their crushing fifth album Imperium, out now via Reaper Entertainment. You can stream Imperium in full here:

The band comment on “Artificial Truth,” “The lyrics of the song deal with diseases of our modern information society such as ‘alternative facts’, and how quite a few people can be controlled and influenced by such lies.”

The new album Imperium marks another milestone in the band’s history. Another concept album, the LP develops the elaborate story-line of its predecessor with great detail. Necrotted continue to tread experimental musical paths; their proven recipe of melodic guitar riffs, thundering blast beats and oppressive slams is combined with immersing black metal elements. Written mostly in English, the lyrics also contain passages in the German native language, which are performed with banefully deep growls and strident screams.

Order Imperium here:


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