Paul Stanley Crashes an Office Meeting in Workday’s Super Bowl Ad, ft. Ozzy, Billy Idol, Joan Jett & Gary Clark Jr.

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Those of us who work in an office setting are used to “office lingo,” which can sometimes take the form of a specific compliment: “You’re a rock star!” Sure, we all appreciate this sort of ego boost from our peers (or, if we’re really lucky, our superiors). But the harsh reality is this: No, we are not rock stars. Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Jett, for example, are actual rock stars.

To be a “rock star” means, well, something else. Something more than pulling in quarterly goals or maximizing profit margins (though that is great when it happens).

To further demonstrate what being a “rock star” truly means, here’s the anticipated Super Bowl commercial for workplace payroll/HR company Workday, Stanley, Ozzy, Joan Jett, Billy Idol and Gary Clark Jr. laying down the law:

Here’s how the workday video explains its concept:

Rock stars have worked hard to earn their titles. So when the business world starts calling execs “rock stars” for crushing it with Workday, the legends have something to say.

Join Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Clark Jr., Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Paul Stanley as they send a message to the corporate world on football’s biggest stage.

Keep an eye out for this ad on Sunday, Feb. 12 during Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles!

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