Villainous Temple set to release Fill Creation With Abuse

Villainous Temple

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Blackened death metal band Villainous Temple are set to release their debut full length, Fill Creation With Abuse, this Friday, February 10.

The Portland, Oregon band features members of Hands of Thieves, Stoneburner, Bastard Feast, Elitist and more.

Fueled through anger and rage, Villainous Temple crafted a pummeling debut offering. Engingereed by Charlie Koryn(Ascended Dead, Livssyke) and Mastered by Dan Lowdes. The band started in 2019 with a self-released demo, Homicidal Starts (listen here) and took the pandemic to write Fill Creation With Abuse. From beginning to end, the band valleys between extreme relentless blast beats to heavier passages of death while bringing in a darker and uglier atmosphere. Utilizing a dual vocal approach spitting true filth with the anger to back it up.

Fill Creation With Abuse is available on CD, cassette and digital from Transylvanian Recordings here.

Listen to “Roads to Cults Unborn” and “Paths of No Return” below.

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