Temptress To Release Debut Album See


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The Texas-based heavy trio known as Temptress are preparing to unveil their debut album See via Metal Assault Records on March 3rd, 2023. Bringing immersive atmospheres, heavy distorted guitars, and rock ‘n’ roll rhythms, Temptress deliver a dynamic and seductive sound.

“The release of See has been a long journey for the band which started several years ago. Temptress headed into the studio in late 2019 and was put to a halt after the pandemic hit. The album is the first meeting of the minds for the trio which shows each member’s individual influence. From doom, to post rock, to even hints of classic metal, See takes you through the ups and downs reminiscent of its creation.”

“Death Comes Around” begins the album with a psych-induced stoner style track. Incredibly atmospheric, the opener draws the listener in with its alluring quality. “Into My Soul” introduces blues influences and a catchy chorus hook. “Serpentine” combines doom, sludge and stoner elements into a track that journeys through an array of musical moods. Concluding the album with “Hopeless”, Temptress unleash the heavy distortion through dark and dissonant guitars.

Formed in mid-2019, the three-piece Temptress found their niche and shortly after released the debut self-titled EP. The outfit soon took their music to the stage, performing with the likes of Heavy Temple, Ecstatic Vision, Wo Fat, Black Tusk, Royal Thunder and many more. The pandemic saw the band turn to writing their debut full-length, with recording and production completed by the end of 2021. In June 2022, Temptress signed to Metal Assault Records.

Temptress is:
Kelsey Wilson (Guitar/Vocals)
Andi Cuba (Drums/Vocals)
Christian Wright (Bass/Vocals)


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