Machinist! Release 10 Years of Torture


After some time off, Southeastern metallic hardcore outfit Machinist! bursts out of hibernation with 10 Years Of Torture, an LP compilation containing the band’s first two full-length albums on vinyl for the first time.

10 Years Of Torture sees both Pronegative and Closer To Death remastered for vinyl by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording and completed with mash-up artwork by M Roz, a photo collage by Jeff Hill, and design by Greg Meisenberg. The record is pressed in runs of 200 Silver/Orange Crush and 100 Black & Deep Purple Galaxy. For this endeavor the band continues their relationship with Philadelphia-based Nefarious Industries who is co-releasing the record with Gainesville, Florida-based Salvaged Records, run by Machinist!’s own Jeremy McGuire.

Vocalist Jeff Hill had this to say:

“We’ve been doing this for a decade now. Some folks might think ‘big deal’ but I can’t think of many things I’ve kept at for ten years. This band represents some of the longest and most important relationships of my life. Not only with my band mates but also with all the people I’ve met all over the world through playing these songs. I’m really glad to be adding this record to our story and I’m stoked we get to reshare them with the world.

“These albums both deserve vinyl releases and I’m pleased that after too many years they’re getting that treatment. It’s sick that we get to release them in this combined package, and I can’t wait for y’all to have these things in hand. Jeremy and Greg and their labels’ respective teams really knocked it out of the park with their choices on wax and ideas about packaging and I couldn’t be happier with the crazy combination of the album covers. It’s cool to take time away from a project like Machinist! and then come roaring back with a wild piece of art folks have been asking for since the original records came out years ago. Stoked to add another piece to the story we’ve been writing for the last ten years.”


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