Fawn Limbs & Nadja to Release Collaboration Album ‘Vestigial Spectra’

Fawn Limbs Nadja

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Vestigial Spectra will be released on November 24.

The experimental drone/ambient doom legends Nadja and the acclaimed experimental mathgrind duo Fawn Limbs have united their aural forces to create Vestigial Spectra.

Even though both bands have their own signature tones and pace, both have wandered off to the other end of the spectrum occasionally, and while the match up might seem strange upon first glance, the composition process was rather quick and smooth, maybe to everyone’s surprise. Done via file sharing in the middle of the plague, the results of these two worlds colliding are nothing short of lush and fluent; most of the time you can’t tell anymore where the other begins and where the other ends, thus the collaborational aspect clearly flourishes as it should. What started out as a few messages sent back and forth, resulted in a genreless, mind-bending monolith of an album that Vestigial Spectra is.

Vestigial Spectra carries both Fawn Limbs and Nadja’s own signatures, but burns bright to exist as an entity completely of its own. The songs and the album as a whole ebbs and flows between unestablished parameters that are as surprising as they are anticipated. Taking influence from a variety of styles ranging from grindcore to doom and from noise to ambient, Vestigial Spectra blends its components seamlessly to produce an entirely novel aural field that simultaneously is both a dynamic and thought-out craft and a wall of noise-esque seemingly directionless leviathan. Whether slow, fast, or free of pulse and time, every single second on the album is as important as the ones preceding and following it, making Vestigial Spectra first and foremost a cohesive and consistent entirety.

Thematically, Vestigial Spectra studies astronomical spectroscopy – in which scientists use a spectograph to determine the make-up of stellar bodies and planets amongst other things – and its inherent relation to human nature. Mirroring these practices and standards from one another makes up for layered lyrical approach that can read as scientific pathos as easily as a metaphorically charged burst of emotion. There are three types of spectra – absorption, continuous, and emission – which corresponds to the album’s structure and sonic being.

Vestigial Spectra is available for pre-order via Roman Numeral (US vinyl & limited CD) and Wolves And Vibrancy (EU Vinyl). The album will also be available on highly limited tape edition via Sludgelord Records.

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