Bruce Dickinson – “I don’t want to go onstage and look out at a bunch of crumblies my age”

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In a recent interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson was asked about heavy metal’s “enduring appeal.”

His response:

“I can speak about what IRON MAIDEN‘s enduring appeal is: we exist in our own world. Our fanbase is a little bit like plywood. It’s formed of lots of layers of different age groups. Every layer sticks to the layer underneath it and doesn’t detach. People come to a show expecting to see people of my age, and they get a whole bunch of kids between fifteen and twenty-eight.

“I don’t want to go onstage and look out at a bunch of crumblies my age. People of my age go along to shows, but you never see them in the mosh pit — mainly they’re standing by the toilet, waiting to get their prostate problem solved.”

“We like seeing rabid kids leaping around. That’s what makes our hearts pump onstage. Our music is still fierce. It’s still in your face.”

Concerto For Group And Orchestra featuring Bruce Dickinson 2023 dates

Bruce will do a small tour in Brazil with the Concerto For Group And Orchestra, symphony orchestra with more than 80 instrumentalists conducted by Paul Mann, who was a close friend of the late Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord.

15 – São Paulo, Brazil – Vibra São Paulo
19 – Curitiba, Brazil – Teatro Positivo
21 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Vivo Rio
25 – Porto Alegre, Brazil – Auditório Araújo Vianna

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