Belgian Alternative rock band sonic tides set to release their ep ‘Six sided Square’; Video for The Maze Pt.1 streaming now

Sonic Tides

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Belgian alternative rock band Sonic Tides are set to release their EP Six Sided Square on October 13, 2023 through Epictronic. Check out the official video for “The Maze, Pt.1” below.

Sonic Tides have captivated listeners with their unique musical style, which transports them through a sonic journey immersed in hypnotizing harmonies and a darkly atmospheric landscape. Their progressive and intricate song structures, filled with rhythmic and harmonic changes, demonstrate the band’s profound understanding of their craft. With this partnership, Sonic Tides aims to push the boundaries of their creativity and reach new heights within the post-rock genre.

Six Sided Square track list:

1. Walls
2. The Maze, Pt. 1
3. The Maze, Pt. 2
4. Lucid Dreams
5. Insomnia
6. Wounded Man

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