Arizona Metal Band American Standards Release Unhinged, Angst-Ridden New EP Dopamine Dealer

American Standards

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Phoenix, Az metal band American Standards spent the last few months providing a steady drip of unhinged singles that collectively make up Dopamine Dealer. The chaotic debut track, “The Dealer” was premiered in December via Lambgoat. This was followed by a gritty, bass driven song titled “The Tourist” on Decibel Magazine. Sticking with the trend, just unveiled the third and final release, “The Vagrant,” which is an energetic hardcore anthem drawing influence from bands like Refused, Snapcase, and Turnstile.

Thematically, the EP is an uncompromising social commentary on shrinking attention spans and the often misguided pursuit of instant gratification. Musically, it’s an experiment in controlled chaos. Slathered in dissonance and feedback, the experience is as visceral as it is cathartic, often leaving the listener anticipating the next explosive outburst.

American Standards singer Brandon Kellum said of the release:

“Our society breeds a culture that convinces people they don’t have enough. We’ve been convinced to chase happiness in the form of material possessions, social status, and an unpromised future. You’re alive now. Savor it.”

Listen to Dopamine Dealer on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or wherever you stream music.

Track listing:
1. the Dealer
2. the Tourist
3. the Vagrant

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