Nina Llopis (The Lead)

Nina Llopis
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This time around we feature the collection of Nina Llopis, bassist/vocals of the Christian punk/post-hardcore band The Lead.

The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

Led Zeppelin’s first record.

The record that made me want to make music was…

Led Zeppelin’s first record.

The record I’ve played more than any other is…

Led Zeppelin’s first record… LOL, OK, I’ll move on.

The record that always make me feel good is…

I love Classical music… the super heavy stuff.

The record I turn to when I’m feeling down is…

I listen to worship music. Holy by Kim Walker. Love her voice.

The record with my favorite cover art is…

Burn this Record by the Lead. ( who is that guy on the cover)

The strangest LP I own is…

Favorite themes from TV shows in the 60’s.

The rarest LP I own is…

The original recorded LP of the musical My Fair Lady.

The last LP I bought was…

Double album of The Clash. Then i gave it away! 🙁

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The Lead’s latest EP, Again., was released through Roxx Records on December 21, 2017 on limited edition CD. Order a signed copy here. You can download a digital copy here.

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