Monica Strut (Publicist/Musician)

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This time around we feature the collection of Monica Strut.

Monica is a digital marketer, music journalist and strategy consultant for up and coming bands. She is also the vocalist in the Australian band The Last Martyr.

The first CD I ever bought with my own money was…

Probably a shitty pop song compilation like, ‘So Fresh – Hits of Summer.’ I wish it was something cooler.

The CD that made me want to make music was…

Guns n’ Roses – “Live Era.” The energy I felt on that album was nothing like I’d ever heard as a teenager before. I loved the music and was obsessed with Axl, Slash and Duff. Damn they’re cool.

The CD I’ve played more than any other is…

Honestly, I haven’t owned a CD in a long time but probably “Appetite for Destruction” by Gn’R or “There is a Hell…” by Bring Me The Horizon have been the most played.

The CD that always make me feel good is…

“Woodface,” by Crowded House – It always makes me feel calm! Back when I was 18 and studying music at university I worked in a cafe and it was the only CD they owned. It brings back a lot of memories of being so hopeful about the future as I’d mop floors practicing doing vocal harmonies with Neil Finn.

The CD I turn to when I’m feeling down is…

“Bad Vibrations,” by A Day To Remember. It’s so energetic and such a good album, it turns that frown into pure energy and some of the tracks are groovy as hell.

The CD with my favorite cover art is…

“Desperate,” by Divinyls. I miss the days when bands were on their own album covers (I should have grown up in the 80s). Plus I love Chrissy Amphlett.

The strangest CD I own is…

Deep Forest’s self-titled album. It was my Mum’s. She went back to university when I was a kid to become a teacher and she used to put on that album when she was studying and now I associate it with concentration. Now I’ll often put it on when I’m working on my business and want something super chill. Usually, I burn incense at the same time cos I’m a secret hippy.

The rarest CD I own is…

I own “Monkey Grip” by Divinyls on vinyl and some pretty random Guns n’ Roses vinyls I bought when I was in the States last year that I’ve never seen in Australia.

The last CD I bought was…

I got gifted, “War is One,” by my mates’ band Bad Moon Born. It’s killer, serious Audioslave/Myles Kennedy vibes if you’re into that I highly recommend you check them out.

Monica Strut

The Last Martyr

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