Analog Restorations – Custom Cork Platter Mats

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We love out custom cork platter mat created by Analog Restorations!

Get $5 off your custom design by using coupon code ithcorkmat.

Made of the highest grade cork specially produced for proper dampening and audio replication. Each mat is made to order and goes through a several stage process ensuring every mat meets their highest standards. This includes special processes to prepare the cork as well as a post process to lock in the color and clarity of each image.

Aside form their large selection of designs, if you don’t see what you like, they will custom make it for you at no additional cost. Just send your artwork like we did.

Visit and use coupon code ithcorkmat and receive $5 off any cork mat. Custom orders included. No limits!

Analog Restorations - Custom cork platter mats. Get $5 off. Use coupon code: ithcorkmat
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